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Fierce & Kind Feature in There San Diego

There San Diego sat down with"Fierce & Kind", a unique brand created by Basem Harb and Cyndi Smith, based in San Diego, which combines exceptional spirit-making with a mission of impactful giving. Founded during the pandemic in 2020, the brand embodies a spirit of purpose, driven by a quote from Maya Angelou, focusing on strength and kindness. Basem and Cyndi have committed to donating 25% of their profits to the Fierce & Kind Equity Foundation, aiming to support social, political, economic, and climate justice initiatives.

Their entrepreneurial journey is not only about producing award-winning spirits, including bourbons and vodka, with an emphasis on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients but also about reinvesting in their community. They support local initiatives in City Heights, aiming to empower residents through entrepreneurship and economic development. Their work with organizations like the Nile Sisters Development Initiative and the City Heights Economic Development Corporation underscores their belief in the transformative power of community-focused entrepreneurship.

Fierce & Kind extends an invitation to join their mission through equity crowdfunding, allowing investors to become part of a movement that prioritizes purpose over profit. Basem and Cyndi's vision transcends the creation of spirits, aiming to foster a global community bound by the ideals of generosity, compassion, and positive change.

For a deeper dive into their inspiring journey and how they blend passion with purpose, read the full article on There San Diego!

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