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  • Fierce & Kind is a minority- and woman-founded, impact-driven, Double-Platinum award-winning spirits brand with a rapidly growing presence in bottleshops, national retail chains, and restaurants and bars.

Fierce & Kind is aggressively taking advantage of growth trends and disruption in the $38 billion spirits market and seeking investors who are looking to enter this dynamic market and expand their social impact portfolio. In addition to entering a market that is growing at over $1.5Bn per year, the record-breaking exits for
brands acquired by major distributors are attractive.

Uncommonly good spirits. Shared for common good.

We believe spirits have a unique power to bring people together and the act of sharing a drink with someone is a sacred, communal moment.

When we join forces to create and share our spirits, we can bring positive action and change to the communities we serve.

Making Fierce & Kind your drink of choice means you’re choosing to drink with purpose. You’re choosing to fund the people and organizations driving change. Investing in Fierce & Kind means you’re participating in the pursuit of economic opportunity. It’s time to reimagine what ownership, opportunity, and ethical consumption look like.

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    Our team

    We came together over a shared commitment to create good and do good. Fierce & Kind was founded on a lifelong love of whiskey and a belief that we can impact change by building a successful social enterprise modeled on the success of companies like Ben & Jerry's and Patagonia. In an era where folks have more to disagree about than in common, we offer you this: uncommon spirits that bring us all closer together to have better conversations, find more common ground, and see a more hopeful future. 

    During the pandemic, founder Basem Harb began formulating his next venture and passion project - a company that brought award-winning spirits to the market, and that would impact the way we serve society by the way we do business.

    When we’re not working on our Foundation or making beautiful spirits for your enjoyment, we love cooking and seeking out amazing restaurants, DJing and throwing some seriously bad-ass dance parties, traveling and diving into other cultures, and hitting the gym and a punching bag. Our passions are as diverse as the communities we come from, and we’re proud of where we come from!

    We’re grateful you’re here and are choosing to participate kindly in this world. We need you! 

    May your cup runneth over.

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