About us


  • We are equally as invested in crafting quality social beverages as we are in affecting social change. We dedicate part of our proceeds to fund real energy, action, and capital into historically-excluded spaces. In short, we’re uplifting and uniting our communities one sip at a time.

As an employee- and customer-owned spirits and lifestyle company and foundation, it’s our mission to make sure there’s a seat at the table for everyone. We empower underserved communities by giving investors and consumers new communal ways of participating in funding local initiatives with high impact and fueling action, energy, and capital to create economic equity. It’s time to reimagine what ownership, opportunity, and ethical consumption look like. And that starts with Fierce & Kind.

Uncommonly good spirits. Shared for common good.

We believe spirits have a unique power to bring people together and the act of sharing a drink with someone is a sacred, communal moment.

When we join forces to create and share our spirits, we can bring positive action and change to the communities we serve.

Making Fierce & Kind your drink of choice means you’re choosing to drink with purpose. You’re choosing to fund the people and organizations driving change. Investing in Fierce & Kind means you’re participating in the pursuit of economic equity. It’s time to reimagine what ownership, opportunity, and ethical consumption look like.

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Empathy, solidarity, and understanding are critical to the work of Fierce & Kind.

As believers in the power of the human spirit, we do everything with a spirited heart and determination to bring change to the world.

  • Equity ownership opportunities.

    Fierce & Kind is about creating economic opporunitiy for people that have been excluded historically. That means letting people in at the ground floor.

  • Responsibly produced spirits.

    Economic equity starts with paying our employees and suppliers fairly. The end product is a drink you can feel good about.

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  • Active community involvement.

    We’re not here to tell people what they need—we’re here to listen. That means working with people who are doing the work and listening to people who benefit from it.


Our team

We came together over a shared commitment to create good and do good. We’re activists, entrepreneurs, professionals, and educators. We love the spirits we’ve created for you and, just as importantly, we love that your choice in purchasing these elegant beverages will help build better opportunities for people who deserve it. In an era where folks have more to disagree about than in common, we offer you this: uncommon spirits that bring us all closer together to have better conversations, find more common ground, and see a more hopeful future. 

For us, Fierce & Kind is about you! We started F&K and the F&K Equity Foundation for all those who want to do more but are not sure how, for the disenfranchised communities that are still finding their rightful, powerful place, and for those whose voice hasn’t been heard, in a while or ever, and want to climb atop a mountain and scream for all to hear, fiercely. We started it because of those whose most basic rights are under attack, from voting and reproductive rights to the most fundamental of all rights – the right to live and breathe. 

When we’re not working on our Foundation or making beautiful spirits for your enjoyment, we love cooking and seeking out amazing restaurants, DJing and throwing some seriously bad-ass dance parties, traveling and diving into other cultures, and hitting the gym and a punching bag. Our passions are as diverse as the communities we come from, and we’re proud of where we come from!

We’re grateful you’re here and are choosing to participate kindly in this world. We need you! 

May your cup runneth over.

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